We never met

Thought of saying this to your face, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it So here it is I fell for you the first day I set my eyes on you The aura you had possessed me to the bone I couldn’t go for a day without thinking of you Wondering of what you […]

Poor me

I never seem to get the chance Every day, every time, I choke on your fragrance As though that is not enough, you image never leaves my mind I wish I could have yo tag along in the tide Every time I think of you I think I am going crazy Just when I think […]


He just stood there helpless All he had ever wanted was to love her and for her to love her back But that had never been She said she was too busy That she had other priorities Not that she said it, but he saw it The way she texted He could read the tone […]

Simply You.

The first was so classy Like a queen wandering off the palace Looking at you felt like an insult to you Though so elegant I was not so intrigued Your style so high, too much for me But today was quite a day The simplicity smit me I could not clear my head of you […]


Sometimes when I am filled with despair I look up to the sky wondering whether this is really fair All around me people seem to be fine Having fun with life, toasting glasses of wine Whilst I sit in a corner wondering what my life has come to Everything flashes through my mind, everything I […]


Packed to the brim under the sun Bustles still alive even in the night, so much fun Assorted with all forms of beauty The bustles and hustle are its serenity The imperfections make up the city Drawing from them it’s nature, home to so much creativity Known for escapades with the “kanjo” All manner of […]

I Give Up.

Crawling through the mad I struggle towards the light I lied to myself that I was winning the fight All that is left is a dim future, also dimming out of sight My scars itch, ones I got thinking I was her Mr. Right now I pay for my foolishness I took no caution, so much […]