Let us hitch this ride

Moments never last forever Days come and go Years have passed since time immemorial So let us be Now that we are here Hold my hand and let us hitch this ride I can’t promise paradise But I will do my best To make this the voyage of your lifetime It’s not a space tour, […]


So promising Created to be so convincing All of it, just but a lie So true, seemed never to die   The bitterness, anger In so sweet a cocoon it lay under Only till unleashed Blew off and all was dead. #kvnpt


No fireworks in the air A heartbeat never stops but still had my share Not for the entire world to witness, it was never a blare But there you were , for all to see, with all the flair As you stood up over the rest, I still could not understand God had created an […]

Can’t handle your thorns.

I’m sorry I gave you everything I had without asking if you wanted it Fell in love with your appearance Not until now did I open my eyes to your personality Funny to me, bad habit of laughing at serious moments Seems I expected too much from you, sorry, can’t lower my expectations Don’t worry […]