Poor me

I never seem to get the chance Every day, every time, I choke on your fragrance As though that is not enough, you image never leaves my mind I wish I could have yo tag along in the tide Every time I think of you I think I am going crazy Just when I think […]

Simply You.

The first was so classy Like a queen wandering off the palace Looking at you felt like an insult to you Though so elegant I was not so intrigued Your style so high, too much for me But today was quite a day The simplicity smit me I could not clear my head of you […]

I Give Up.

Crawling through the mad I struggle towards the light I lied to myself that I was winning the fight All that is left is a dim future, also dimming out of sight My scars itch, ones I got thinking I was her Mr. Right now I pay for my foolishness I took no caution, so much […]

In the night

I wake up in the middle of the dark night With nothing to look up on, not a single light As I scramble through my juggled up thoughts Out of control, not calling the shots I reach out and grope Stretching so hard, all in the name of hope Of that bit that I missed […]

Dark Secrets

In the darkest of all places they roam Lurking in the longest of the tunnels They lie in the deepest abyss Holding the realest part of me Just a mere thought of them makes me tremble Yet they hold with them who I really am I fight every minute to keep them locked up They […]