Welcome-Bienvenido-Benvenuto-Bienvenue-Swagat- herzlich willkommen

the Cryptic world

the moon’s light hauled

wolves in the night just howled

A different world exists from the one we materially live. A world full of our dirty secrets, dark fears, deep unexplored parts of ourselves and even our very own demons. Some of these are love stories that we dread to tell, trying to console ourselves that we never lived in them. That they are not part of us. memories, heartbreaks and memories, some sweet others nightmares.

The poetry and literature world gives us all the liberty, space and time we need to explore those hidden parts of our existence. Those that haunt us and drive us crazy.

the PEN is mightier than the sword

though the SILENCE is louder

WORDS cause mountains to rumble

orders by commanders COMMAND battalions

Welcome to the cryptic chronicles.


10 thoughts on “Welcome-Bienvenido-Benvenuto-Bienvenue-Swagat- herzlich willkommen

  1. “Literature is a kind of intellectual light which, like the light of the sun, enables us to see what we do not like; but who would wish to escape unpleasing objects, by condemning himself to perpetual darkness?”
    Samuel Johnson, Universal Visiter (April, 1756)

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