You Live in My Heart

In my mind I see perfection

Not a single inch of your skin is not worth my attention

Your kinky African hair is simply fulfilling

The way your body moves, as if you are swaying

Never has a human been so mesmerizing

Not just one in a million, but a million pieces of beauty in you, such mindblowing

Every time you breath, your eyes glow

The warmth you exude melts fortified walls of my cold heart, like the sun melting the snow

Thinking about this, writing it down, I feel like a fool

But girl, isn’t it obvious how crazy I am about you

Each time I remember you, my blood runs cold

Stay away from girls, they’ll drive you crazy, they told me but I didn’t listen

Instead, I looked forward to the ride, to life, like a Phoenix that had just risen

I dove into the chaos, but I never went crazy

Nothing added up, it didn’t live up to my dreams, everything was just hazy

I decided to stride along, alone

I had given up, life had won

Beyond the chaos, in the midst of the roaring crowd

You stood, strong against the currents, so proud

Never has so much been at one place before

The ocean so mad, waves riding so high, but you stood there, calmly, by the shore

And each time I feel overwhelmed

Every single moment life beats me down and I feel damned

That picture, by the shore, keeps me afloat

In my darkest hour, eerie in the middles of the dark seas you are my boat

You live in my heart forever

You will never die, not ever

©Kevin Muniu


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