As I stumbled deeper into the darkness

I knew the end was nigh

Laden with regrets from my whole life

I felt myself sinking even deeper

I was too late

There was no turning back

I had fell for the fairy tale

The promise of greener pastures on the other side

Turned out they were just a reflection of my story

Only the mirror was clearer

And more optimistic than my eyes

And now I had left my little home

For a paradise that only existed in my dreams

I should have known it was all a trap

That I was never meant to be happy

After all, why would I deserve to be

And now here I sat


And reminiscing of better days I had hoped to live

It was all that I could do

Cry myself to sleep

And hope to wake up happy

For a brand new tomorrow

For that was all that I could hope for

©Kevin Muniu.


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