Let us hitch this ride

Moments never last forever

Days come and go

Years have passed since time immemorial

So let us be

Now that we are here

Hold my hand and let us hitch this ride

I can’t promise paradise

But I will do my best

To make this the voyage of your lifetime

It’s not a space tour, I know

But it’s a trip down our lives

Moments we will never relive

Memories we will create for a lifetime

Stories we will tell eons to come

So, come on

Don’t leave me to ride alone

Let’s gaze up to the sky

Whatever is up there

A million stars or the darkest clouds of your life

I’ll be right next to you

I’ll share the moments with you

And we are going to cherish them together

For as long as we live through them

We will never be the same

Probably not what we would aspire to be

But stronger, better

So take my hand

And let’s hitch this ride

©Kevin Muniu.


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