How I Wish

I wish I could sing

I would stand on the tallest building and sing this for the whole world to hear

Not about how beautiful you are

Or how pretty you are

No, they can already see that

But how extraordinary you are

The kind of heart that dwells inside of you

The goodness that flows beneath your skin

The beauty that they cannot see on the outside

The warmth that your smile harbours

I wish I could play the guitar

I would play it along the melodies of my song until my fingers bled

Just as my heart bleeds for you

Silently, and dearly

My love for you is not just mere love

I am whole just because of you

We are not perfect

Not close to the best couple

But we are one hell of a fulfilled union

The imperfections are our strengths

They keep us together

They provide meaning for being there for each other

Our strengths

Our pillars

We are what we are because of them

And the world exists because of us

So, my dear

May we love until it becomes our nature

Let us do this for it is the only thing we are the best in

Hold my hand and join me in my crazy world

And I will tag along with your madness

Before we sit under the sun and bask in our greatness

For we are meant to be

©Kevin Muniu.


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