Poor me

I never seem to get the chance

Every day, every time, I choke on your fragrance

As though that is not enough, you image never leaves my mind

I wish I could have yo tag along in the tide

Every time I think of you I think I am going crazy

Just when I think I have it all clear, every tiny bit gets fuzzy

I don’t know what to do or what to think

All I can to is sob quietly as I slowly sink

The air stings and my own breath chokes me

I want to go away, but I can’t get out, I can’t flee

I am in the middle of a street with the lights on all over

But all I can see is ghosts in the shadows as they hover

Ghosts that dwell inside of me

Only to them do I openly and freely confide

Of my fears and frustrations

They are my only warmth and my cushions

So chilly all over and so cold

I wish I could say it but I am not that bold

I fear that I might mess this up

The little we have, I intend to create no gap

The least of all is rejection

At least I tell myself so, hoping to kill the notion

But I hate to take the risk

Feels like a little too much a frisk

But I do promise

To keep us and be at ease

One thing though remains true

I adore you.

©Kevin Muniu.


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