He just stood there helpless
All he had ever wanted was to love her and for her to love her back
But that had never been
She said she was too busy
That she had other priorities
Not that she said it, but he saw it
The way she texted
He could read the tone in her texts
Read between the pauses and unanswered texts
He could see through the smileys all the way into her heart
Feel the authenticity of her laughs
Note the awkwardness of their conversations
He tries his best
Making the conversations lively
Cracking jokes of anything, everything
Till he felt like an idiot
He felt unwanted
And finally gave up
Watched her walk off and slip away
He had lost her.


15 thoughts on “Helpless

  1. Dear friend,

    Nice but sad story – how many times this happens in life?!
    We often have many dream, build air castles in the air, but
    reality is often different – and so many of our dreams burst as a bubble…
    However, well done written, like a story taken from life.

    Thanks, dear friend
    Have a nice weekend

    Liked by 1 person

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