Sometimes when I am filled with despair

I look up to the sky wondering whether this is really fair

All around me people seem to be fine

Having fun with life, toasting glasses of wine

Whilst I sit in a corner wondering what my life has come to

Everything flashes through my mind, everything I have gone through

I once thought that I had a future

Out there in the world to come that I would feature

Now I stare as my own life crumbles

Barely seeing through the settling mist and the rumbles

I feel myself losing it all, all at once

I see all of it fading away with just a glance

And as everything comes to an end, it finally hits me

I am all alone and emptiness is all I can see

I have failed

And I now finally fade

Sitting back, I wait to fly away

I am finally ready to give way

Then I feel it deep inside

The flame that never went off with the tide

The one that kept burning through the long dark night

Though beaten and crushed it still kept its light

I feel the fire burning through my freezing blood and bringing me to life

The new life makes me once again rife

And it is over

The despair is over.




9 thoughts on “Despair.

  1. My dear frriend,

    Yoiur words are coming from the depths of your heart, feeling life, feeling yourself. Often we have to dig deep in us, even with pain – but we may be able also to dig out a treasure that embraces us with light, hope and which gives us a reflection of ourselves – like seeing our own face in a calm water, when the mind waves are still. To discover ourselves, noone can do it for us, noone can replace it – your uniqueness.

    Thanks for following my blog, dear friend 🙂
    Wishing you happy times

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  2. Your poem made me think of a quote by the writer Thomas Mann that always gives me comfort when I feel on the outside. “A solitary, unused to speaking of what he sees and feels, has mental experiences which are at once more intense and less articulate than those of a gregarious man.” We writers get an alternate joy! Thank you for the blog like, Kevin.

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  3. amazing poem Kevin, you know failure means it is time to try second time, believe me, I am shameless in that ground! I just keep failing and trying, ignoring sniggers and taunts and my own naysaying heart that sometimes bugs.

    as for others are fine, believe me my dear friend, I have once read the title of a movie “Every body says I am fine” that is the truth about others, no one is fine in this world, human society ensures it. Just go around saying for a few years that “you are so happy! nothing can make you miserable!” human beings will ensure that you are miserable!

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