Packed to the brim under the sun

Bustles still alive even in the night, so much fun

Assorted with all forms of beauty

The bustles and hustle are its serenity

The imperfections make up the city

Drawing from them it’s nature, home to so much creativity

Known for escapades with the “kanjo”

All manner of characters just like the Bible

Bathed with the sun the city is more than home

Kenyans from all over united under one dome

Walks of all forms of life sitting on the same table

Bringing together the poor and the able

Men and women from all corners of the earth call it more than just a city

Home to all, a city of the witty

The seat of power

Loved by all just like a blossoming flower

The streets say it all about the city

A different city, a city of diversity


9 thoughts on “Nairobi.

  1. beautiful poem and pic! you live in Nairobi? are there lions in your country? once an African scolded me telling me that not all African countries have lions! does yours? I will some day love to see an African lion in wild 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I do live in Nairobi , Kenya and we do have lions here in Kenya. It is really our pleasure to have tourists in our country and we would really love it if you came.


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