The redemption

Time races against me

The earth spins the other way round

The winds blow it away just when I have it

Rains come just when I hang out to dry

Sun scorching the earth just as I plant my hope seeds

All up against my frail fight

My fist does nothing other than drain me

My shaking limbs won’t hold me for long

As I take a last look at my wasted life

My fruitless tries

Reminiscing on all that I went through

I slowly drift into a darkness unknown

Losing it slowly

Tidbit by tidbit I lose myself

And as I sink slowly into the hole

Tears drop on my shaken heart

Blood freezes in my veins

Eyes wide open as I watch my last seconds

Brain frozen and stuck at that very time

Time seems to have stopped

I savor the best of the pain just then

Like shards of crudely broken glass

The pain stings to the every core

Just as the darkness covers me

Just as I take my last breath

The candle lights

Flickering weakly in the darkness

Throwing its light frailly in the room

And my face breaks into that smile

The smile of my victory

Not victory over the world

But victory over myself



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