In the night

I wake up in the middle of the dark night

With nothing to look up on, not a single light

As I scramble through my juggled up thoughts

Out of control, not calling the shots

I reach out and grope

Stretching so hard, all in the name of hope

Of that bit that I missed today

Hoping tonight will be that ray

Showing me the way and lighting the path

Hoping I can finally do the math

Just when I think I got it right

Just as I get ready to take the bite

You materialize out of thin air

Grabbing it all, including my only little share

And I finally give up

Tracking my way back on the map

Leaving you behind

Looking for a place to hide

I no longer want you in my mind

And by the way, I really hate your pride



18 thoughts on “In the night

  1. Awww this hurts but relates…..want her out of mind as each breath she is stopping…… Why do some really do this ,once for whom we mean life now ready to take ours?…giving death each day,each moment as if we did a crime by giving them our heart….it hurts

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      1. There are many I have met already ….but not a pleasure to meet them because I wish no one is hurt …..because we have done no crime in trusting the other,no crime in believing what they said and no crime in trying to give our Soul to them…
        Best way yes….forgive and forget …..because it is not a good idea to die everyday


        1. Yes, sure, no crime whatsoever and no bad intention was there in the first place. Yet most of the encounters end in almost the same way…. betrayal, pain and all that. Forgiveness is the best way to go. Thought the best way to vent this out is by doing poetry.


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