Dark Secrets

In the darkest of all places they roam

Lurking in the longest of the tunnels

They lie in the deepest abyss

Holding the realest part of me

Just a mere thought of them makes me tremble

Yet they hold with them who I really am

I fight every minute to keep them locked up

They define me and who I really am

The darkest part of my existence

Yet they my very pillar

Ever holding me down and keeping me in line

None knows of their magnitude

Even I don’t really understand them

Still yet to discern what they really are

As I ride fast through life

They accompany me, lurking in the shadows

Hiding from the light

From the world

I can feel them

Grumbling inside

Threatening to drive me off the edge

But I can’t let go

For they keep me fighting

Keeping me on the right lane

I only keep them for me

Always holding the leash tightly

It is my life

My little life.



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