No fireworks in the air

A heartbeat never stops but still had my share

Not for the entire world to witness, it was never a blare

But there you were , for all to see, with all the flair

As you stood up over the rest, I still could not understand

God had created an angel, no wings though, but still managed to land

So unique, definitely could never belong to any earthly brand

Like a beach with all the sand

So warm relaxing and calling

Calling, for I heard and came running

Nearly ran over my own legs

Say you drive one crazy? One to differ begs

You just have to exist, sit with no rush

And watch as one drives mad, all the way for that one crash

Our world intertwined by our synonymous words

You knew what I had even before you saw my cards

The journey began, not with a step but a mile to make that one step

So much in common, we shared moments even as we slept

Worked with each day, smile, and word, all to bridge the gap

But for the match we were, there was no gap, at one time it felt like a trap

I know better though

We fought together, side by side; you could never be a foe

It could cost so much for you

You had nothing, nothing to pay for it; you were lost in the hue

But of your demons I had no clue

Of the storms they would bring even with the skies blue

Still can’t reckon

How it turned to be a con

I thought they were common

Only they were not, you were the demon



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