In the battlefield.

It all flashed in front of his eyes. All the memories. Every piece. Every scrap. Such a short one. He had felt like he had lived forever. But it only lasted for seconds. And that was it. His end was here.

Lodged in his chest cavity, the bullet was doing all in its power to make his last seconds alive as agonizing as possible. This should not have happened. He had just taken off his vest and fate just decided to strike. Such was fate. There. Waiting. Messing up life.

“Hold on soldier! I got you,” Sam shouted over the gunshots ringing in the air. The blood flow was getting out of control.

Brad could feel himself getting weaker, slowly getting drained. As his mind raced, all he could think of was death. He was dying.

The battlefield was perilous but Jackie, standing aloft hi compatriot on the musty ground, like all the rest, had sacrificed their lives for their country. He wondered if Brad’s death would really show hi zealous love for his country. Or would it be another of those long forgotten deaths with just a pretentious sad state sendoff.

Mastering every ounce of energy from his now fading life, Brad gathered himself for his last word alive. He could feel his drying veins. Drying mouth. Life leaving him, lying helpless on the enemy’s soil. Even his eyes felt coarse. Blinking hurt his eyelids at one time even more than the gunshot.

They quickly came close, after he summoned them with a futile gesture with his hand. They knelt next to the dying fellow countryman for his last words. The sight of once the toughest soldier in the force now lying on the ground bleeding out terrified him. It was nightmare they lived hoping it would never come to pass.

Over the now-dying gunfire, he opened his mouth, trying to form words but his jaws could not move. His tongue felt too dry to form a word. There was no air in his lungs. Eyes wide open in terror. Still in shock, he slumped back to the ground, slowly fading off.

They stared in disbelief as his eyes stared back at them, as if he was afraid of losing them. As they crouched there, hovering above his lifeless body, darkness came over them as they came to terms. Death loomed in the shadows, among them.

He did not even get to say what was on his mind. Family? Enemy? Country? Fellow soldiers? His last words were gone. Gone with him. As others lay in their deathbeds, dishing out their last word to their loved ones, here he lay, in the bush and his last words unspoken.

No one, other they themselves could understand how it felt. Watching one die while standing there, helpless. Dying for one’s country. Such a way of showing love. Was it worth it? Did one have to die? While others went on with life, unaware of the monsters their fellow countrymen fought to keep them safe.

But that is why they were here. Jake stared at his colleagues, tears in his eyes. They were here to keep their country safe. They were ready to pay the price. However high. Ready to die at any time. That is what it meant being in the battlefield.



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