Love mystified.

Stories say it does exist, but is it true?
Hidden in the corners, lost down the rue
Drowned in all the chaos, in all the hue
Caught up in the mess, struggling for an address
Fought for, for no less, juggling pieces around as in chess
Dreamt of by those who’ve never met it yet
Savored by newbies new in the set
Lived by those who live in their own tailored prison, fish caught in the same net
Loathed by the unlucky, caught on the bad side, fleeing, shooting off in a jet
Common, simple, yet so alien
Mystified it is
Like a lost sailor in the middle of the dark seas
A puzzle to be solved
Mysteries to be unraveled
Understanding it all is only but a pretense
Inexperience in it makes it all utter nonsense
Living in it, the only path to watch as it flips
Only way to part the curtains, to catch a glimpse
Not all, but only a part of it
To try only a piece or two, see if they fit
Hear from the song, only a chord
See if it is where we belong, never minding the loss we can afford
Ready to lose anything, no matter what we have
All the hustles, no matter what they serve



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