I try to forget all that we had
Long ago when I still had you
But all that comes to my mind is the taste of your lips
Your fragrance
That which kept me next to you
Even when the whole world pushed me away
Yet i still held on
Held on to every step we took
All that is now but a sad memory
One that drives me crazy
Driving to the edge
Making me wish I had never been born
To avoid all this
The pain
The torture
Of reminiscing those memories
Rooted so deep inside me
They feel just like a part of my existence
I once hoped
For us to be
Even after all that went down
But I realised I was alone in that
Wishing for the impossible
It would never happen
I would never be good enough
Never good for you
I was not the one
I lost hope
I gave up
Let go
For you



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